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Putting in 400 amps

Well, it is 110 degrees outside and we are still laying pipe. This is the second weekend in a row that I have looked my absolute best. Last weekend I took Tarzan on a Father's Day fishing trip. He caught 15 beautiful trout. I sat and watched -- watching someone fish for 8 hours is akin to watching a computer boot up. Next time, I will fish too.

Father's Day

Tarzan Tuesday--Directionally Challenged

Tarzan messed up and put me in a blue funk. He took MYcar at 5:00 a.m. to get electrical parts for…..oh you don’t want me to go into that…..anyway, he put the address in his GPS and put in E instead of W and ended up in Scottsdale instead of North 19th Ave. He called me in a panic so I turned on his computer and looked up Google Maps for the address he wanted and told him I would direct him. I asked him to tell me what streets he was passing and when I found where he was I started directing him and he ARGUED with me about turning right or left, getting on the 101 or not, exiting on 7th Street or 7th Ave….then I told him to stay on Beardsley and don’t turn on 7th Ave when he exited. He exited and when I said are you on Beardsley, he said, “no, I’m going EAST on 7th Ave.” Well, you can imagine how it went from there. I finally said, “Look, you are lost and I have the map, just do what I tell you to do.” Even after that, he drove past the place when I asked him to turn on 20th Ave and w…

I'm back

I have been encourage enough to begin blogging again. The problem with blogging is that when you get involved in it, you want to read what everyone else is saying. I don't have time for that, if I am going to be reading anything in the next week it is going to be one of these:

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