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$600 later, I can smile about it...

Tarzan and I are on a very strict budget!!!

We each have a Paypal card with spending money on it. If we run out of money on our Paypal, we have to wait until the next payday to get more.

So, today, Tarzan had several packages to mail to the grandchildren (okay I had a couple also) and I very generously said, "I'll take them by the UPS store on my way to work." To which he expressed his deep and profound gratitude, but did not offer to help pay the postage. Actually, this strict budget thing is so new to us that I didn't think of it either until...

Mr. Brown (aka the UPS man) rang up the total and it was $5 more than I had in my Paypal account, yikes. Mr. Brown put my order on hold and I drove off to work with the promise that I would stop by after work and pay for the shipping.

Just as I passed the CVS Pharmacy, I reached for my cell phone to tell Tarzan how picked on I was because my allowance was smaller than his when I misjudged how close I was to the curb and ran…

I read NieNie today

I am grateful,
I can still take the stairs two at a time, even though I don't very oftenI can switch my mouse to the left side simply because my right hand is tiredI can see when I put my glasses on and sometimes when I don'tI am not in constant painI don't live in the snow right nowI can danceI can move my head with easeI have hairThese are all things that in my simple, small way I tend to complain about -- thank you NieNie for reminding me how blessed I am, I pray for you.

What is Your Intent

We had beautiful talks today in Sacrament Meeting. All were inspiring, however, Bishop Miller said something that made me stop and really think. He said, "The intent of my life is to build a kingdom." Wow! I have had abstract thought about why I'm here, what good I'm doing, if I serve any puruse, but that simple statement made me stop and really think.

What is the inent of my life?

I can think of no greater intent than to "build a kingdom." I have much to do and lots of bridges to build. It is a daunting task, but with the help of my Heavenly Father, I can do it.

Sister Miller gave me a little packet of uplifting saying for Christmas. The one I read yesterday said, something to the effect that no other phrase is stated in so many ways in the scripture more than "ask and ye shall receive."

And so I ask for help in building a kingdom. That is my intent for this life. Thank you Bishop.
So, here’s the deal. Tarzan and I went to Whole Foods and Lee Lee’s market this past weekend. During this shopping “extravaganza” I purchased 2 Asian Pears. They were hard as rocks so I put them in the fruit basket to ripen.

It has been a few days now, so I figured they were ripe and wanted fruit for breakfast. I took one of the pears out of the basket—it was still hard and I complained that it still wasn’t ripe. Tarzan took the pear, smelled it, squeezed it and assured me it was ripe. I indicated he was wrong :-) and he stated, “Believe me it is ripe, I know pears, if you bite into it your mouth will be filled with pear juice.”

I then washed the pear, got out the apple slicer, put the pear on a plate and pushed the slicer down over it—believe me, when I say push, I mean it. The fruit was not soft inside it was just as firm and hard as an apple.

I then took a section of the pear and took a bite expecting a mouth full of pear juice. Not so. It was hard, had a slight pear taste and I was s…

Camera Woes

We just got back from a really fun road trip. I have some pictures to share but alas and alack, I cannot get the pictures to download onto my computer.

We drove from Phoenix to Colorado Springs in one day. Tarzan drove most of the way and I went through the homework exercises for the new Dreamweaver class I am teaching. We got a power supply for the laptop that ran out of that thing that used to be a cigarette lighter.

We stopped frequently, ate a lot, visited with Rachel and saw the Air Force Academy. Then we went out to eat at a restaurant overlooking the town, it was great.

Next, a visit to my daughter and her husband, Celia and Richard, in Denver. We ate way too much. Went downtown Denver--one word--awesome. Tarzan and I drove around and happened upon Columbine High School, that was a strange feeling. Then we bought Tarzan a new Blackberry Curve for MY birthday and ate a traditional Puerto Rico dinner. Yummmmm. It was prepared by Celia and included some special things sent by Richard…