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  • for wrinkles
  • for days when my body has no pain
  • for two eyes that can still see
  • for two ears that can still hear
  • for joints that work
  • for two legs that can still take the stairs 2 at a time if I want to
  • for two arms and hands that can type on my blog
  • for safety in my car
  • for a little extra cash in the bank
  • for a job (both of our jobs)
  • for my hair
  • I can move my head with ease
  • I can dance
  • I don't live in the snow right now
  • I am not be in constant pain
  • that I can see with glasses, and sometimes without
  • that I can switch my mouse to the left side simply because my right hand is tired
  • I can still take the stairs 2 at a time
  • for family love
  • I don't have to hook up a horse and buggy to go visit the sisters in the Ward
  • A new Weston Heavenly Bed

July 2008
Bob and Tori Morley Family:
We know that other members of our family have earned A's, but only the Morleys are cashing in. While it may be a controversy in your family it's not in ours. Tarzan gives $5 for every A and I give $5 for every good comment from the teacher. The Morleys cleaned up with $80 in A's and good comments this weekend. $50 of it went to Harris. What grades did you get?
April 2008
Bob and Tori Morley Family:
Maddison performed a vocal solo in competition, Homeward Bound, and got the highest score you can get. She also performed a duet, Scarbourogh Fair, and got the second highest score. She has a beautiful voice.
Amber played on a volleyball team that was undefeated all season. In the playoffs they lost one game and that put them in 3rd place. There is something wrong with that picture. Amber is a great server.

Brian and Rochelle Heywood Family:
Tristan Heywood got the lead part in the school play. He is PeterPan. I listened to him practice his songs and he is really good. Way to go Tristan!

March 2008
Keith and Leisa's family:
Kylee got moved from the Teddy Bear reading group to the Brown Bear reading group. She can now read without sounding out every word.

Bob and Tori's family:
Amber won the --oh my, I forgot the name--it is a thinking decathalon. She is going to state with her group again this year.
Harris made some baskets in his basketball game.

Landau and Alicia's family:
Dau is getting all A's and B's on his report card
Lee is getting all Excellent and Superiors

December 2007
Brian and Rochelle's family:
Tristan's Soccor Team got first place in the final tournament.

Sasha's Soccor Team tied for first place in the final trounament.

Keith and Leisa's family:
Leisa is volunteering at battered women's shelter in Moreno Valley.