Sunday morning I attended Welfare Meeting. Between Welfare and Sacrament Meeting, I was standing in the hall and a man, all dressed in white, came running in with a small 4-year old boy in tow.

He came up to me and said, "Is this the place where they have church for children?"

I told him we did have a meeting for children and he replied, "Good, then I will leave him here. What time do you finish so I can come and pick him up?"

I said--in total shock--"We finish at noon."

He replied that he would return at noon and leaned over to the boy and say "Give me a kiss mija." The boy gave him a kiss and he left with me standing there in charge of a strange 4-year old boy I knew nothing about.

I took his hand and told him to stay with me, asked his name (Damon) and introduced him to the Primary President, Sister Faller.

We went to Sacrament meeting together and, being the good grandma that I am, I had candy in my purse to entertain him. Sister McFall asked him if he had any breakfast and he told her he had a muffin. She gave him an energy bar, which he saved for later.

He was very obedient and behaved during the meeting, though he was bored. I kept thinking, "I hope I haven't just adopted a 4 year old boy." His teacher, Sister Mickelson, was sitting behind me and told me she would be sure he got to all the right places.

I asked him who brought him, "Was it your grandpa?"
"Was it your Dad?"
"Who was it?"
"Never mind" and he shut his eyes.
"Where do you live?"
"Far away"
"What is your Mother's name?"
"Never mind" and he shut his eyes again.

Oh, my, I think I may have just adopted a 4-year old boy.

During the meeting he noticed he was not wearing any socks and then checked to see if he was wearing underpants--he was, trauma averted.

After Primary started I walked out into the hall and saw the man who brought him pacing back and forth as if he was looking for Damon. I stopped him and introduced myself. He was quite embarrassed that he had not even found out my name when he dropped off the boy and wanted the check and be sure he was okay. His name was Rick and he was Damon's uncle. He gave me a little personal information about Damon's family which I won't put here, but it was an interesting story.

Man, was I relieved.

We walked to the Primary door and looked in through the window and saw Damon up in the front of the room with Sister Faller. They were singing the Hello song to him. Rick was ecstatic and thanked me and said he would be back at noon to pick up Damon and then this..."If he has a good time, I will bring him every week."

I'm thinking..."and who are you going to leave him with?" but I didn't say that.

After the meetings, I went to the classroom for the 4-year old children and found Damon just finishing a picture that said, "I want to hold the Priesthood." He was so excited and couldn't wait to show his uncle the picture. I guess the uncle will find out very quickly what he is learning at the place were they have church for children.

So, Rick picked up Damon--Damon jumped up and down with excitement because he had so much fun--Rick said, "see you next week"--I realized the sign on my forhead that said "sucker" was flashing--all in all it was a great day.

Tamales homemade by Jackie Harrison. I'm in the holiday spirit now.