The middle of January Tarzan called me at work:

Tarzan: Hey, let's go see Romeo and Juliet

Me: Okay

Tarzan: Will you call and get us tickets?

Me: Okay

Aren't I a good wife?

I got us tickets, called him and told him I could only get tickets on February 13th the day before Valentine's Day.

Tarzan: Great, Happy Valentines Day

Somehow I think I got cheated in that process.

So, we went to Symphony hall on Friday the 13th, found our seats and sat down to look at the playbill. There were two beautiful ballerinas on the cover.

Tarzan: Is this a ballet?

Me: Yes, why

Tarzan: I thought we were going to a Shakespearean play?

We had a good laugh and he slept through the last act. After all, we already knew the ending.

So, last week I went to the doctor and he got all excited about some little thing and ordered --- A FULL BLOOD WORKUP --- said with a deep and anxious voice.

Today, I went to get the blood workup---3 tubes of blood later...

The wait in the lab was very short so, I called Tarzan...

Me: "Hi, I have an hour to kill. If you are in your office, I thought I would come by and visit with you."

Tarzan: "I'm here."

Me: "Be there in a minute."

Wasn't that a romantic exchange?

My plan was to buy a soda for Tarzan and surprise him. So, I stopped at Circle K where the line was longer than at the lab and bought him a 44 ounce soda and me a 44 ounce soda. After maneuvering my way out of the crowded parking lot (which is also in a terrible location for ingress and egress) and on to the road, I drove the few short miles to Tarzan's office and about 100 feet before the turn into his parking lot, I hit a hole in the road and both sodas flew out of the cup holders, one on the passenger side, and one on the driver side and emptied both cups of soda onto the floor of my car.

Tarzan was outside to greet me, wasn't that sweet? I didn't say anything, I just handed him the empty 44 ounce plastic soda cup. He looked at me with questioning eyes as we walked into his office. I explained what happened and he chuckled (he learned not to laugh at me from the last accident I had).

After about 2 minutes,

Me: "Well, I guess I should go clean it up."

Tarzan: "Right now?"

Me: "Is there a better time?"

Tarzan: "I guess I better clean the car for you tonight, or maybe you should just go get it detailed."

Not wanting to belabor the fact that Tarzan is a procrastinator, I said, good idea and drove straight to the car wash.

What is our favorite thing to do as a couple?

Hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm. Let's see. Ummmmmm. Gee whiz. What do I put here?

It doesn't matter what I think of to put here we like to do it together. :-).

I don't know, I love ceremony. I love patriotic ceremony even more.

Today is President's day. At the capitol we had a ceremony to unveil a new memorial to veterans. It included three new flag poles and a marker with 2 pieces of petrified wood. It was awesome, sorry I didn't get a picture of the fly over, I was too excited.

What does Tarzan do that surprises you?

Tarzan is not big on holidays. He has difficulty giving a gift because somebody said he had too (Hallmark). He surprises me with gifts on OFF holidays. He surprises me even more with gifts ON holidays.

He will vacuum and rearrange the furniture if I am gone all day.

He calls me to tell me something funny.

He tells me he loves me when I least expect it.

He calls me and asks me to get tickets to the theater.

I especially love it when he calls and says, "Let's go out tonight, just the two of us, I need to have you all to myself." After ten years, he hasn't had enough of me?

And then the most special of all is occasionally, when we wake up on my birthday, he tells me in great detail how lucky he is to have me and how glad he is that God sent me to him.

Where are some of Tarzan's hidden talents?

Tarzan is:

  • a great cook
  • a genius with little children
  • always able to make me laugh
  • good at getting people to lighten up
  • softhearted
  • good at handling a tractor
  • interested in what you have to say
  • a good storyteller
  • a good business partner
  • good at surprises
  • fantastic at grocery shopping
  • a news fanatic

How long was the engagement?

Less than one year. See Feel the Love Day 3
I kept waiting for a ring, but instead I got earrings. You can't say Tarzan is not creative.

How long have we been married?

10 Years on April 10th this year.

We got married "before the turn of the century." I love the way that sounds. I feel so retro, so antique, so old school. I wonder if the year 2100 will have people looking back and saying -- "Things were much simpler then." or will they be saying "How in the world did they survive without an implanted flux-capacitor?"

How did Tarzan propose?

I was proposed to twice. I accepted both times :-).

The first time, we were cleaning out my playroom closet. We were both up to our eyeballs in dust and boxes and he said, "Hey, will you marry me?" I said "Yes" and we finished cleaning out the closet. That was sort of his way of putting me on hold while he went off doing his own thing.

The second time, he was in Milwaukee being an Engineer on a train. His run was between Milwaukee and Chicago. It was January. He was on a particularly long train, about 2 miles long. It had been snowing like crazy and someone pulled an air-something-or-other and alarms went off on the engineer's panel. It was his job to find the problem and fix it.

He got off the train and the snow was waist deep. He walked the entire length of the train and when he got to the end, he was so cold, he couldn't even feel his hands. He then had to walk all the way back to the engine and off they went.

When he got to Chicago, he checked into a hotel for the night, called me on the phone and told me the story. He then said, "What do you say -- I come home and we get married? It's awfully cold here." I said, "Okay."

He came home a month later. We were married one month after that.

You will love Drew's blog How To Cook Like Your Grandmother. I promised Amberly I would give her this link. Drew's pictures are great, his instructions are clear and you will get recipes that are quick, easy and (mostly) cooked from scratch. I have his first cookbook and now he has a brand new, illustrated, color e-cookbook.

This is a picture of his homemade French Onion Soup, yum!

This is from Shellie, now I'm "Paying It Forward".The deal-e-o:

"Here's how it works-the first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive, at some point during the year, a handmade gift from me. What it will be and when it will arrive is a total surprise! The catch is that you must participate as well-before you leave your comment here, write up a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going. Then come back, let me know you're going to play, and sit back and anticipate the arrival of your gift! Remember that only the first 3 comments will receive a gift from me, so be quick!"

I'll be waiting for your comments with bated breath to see who the lucky winners are....

How long did you date?

We met in 1995 and married in 1999. Most of our dating was done long distance. Tarzan lived in California, where he remodeled a house; Kansas, where he went to railroad school and became an Engineer; and Wisconsin where he was an Engineer for the Soo Line Railroad, during our dating years. We didn't have access to cheap cell phone bills then and we each sported a phone bill around $400 a month. We still communicate best over the phone.

While we dated, we tried to break up with each other several times. My favorite is the time he drove me 2 hours away into the mountains to break up with me. What was he thinking? The mountains would be a more romantic place to break the news? Break up with a woman and then ride in the car with a angry female for 2 hours. I don't think so. He couldn't do it so he was saved from his stupid move. When I realized the purpose of the trip, I said, "Did you really bring me up here to break up with me?" He got that cute smile he flashes and admitted that he had, but he couldn't do it because we were having so much fun.

The best date was once he told me to get all dressed up and then he took me to Circle K for dinner. We sat on the cement blocks by the gas tanks and ate. He got me TWO hot dogs a drink and chips. Then we went up on Lookout Mountain and kissed, looked at the lights and did a lot of people watching.

I am jumping on the bandwagon, because I love the music they are playing :-).

How did Tarzan and I meet?
I was working for a law firm and had a friend who was working at the same law firm, she lived way north of me, we only socialized during work hours because of distance. Tarzan worked at MCI and had a friend, she lived way up north of him, they only socialized during work hours because of distance.

My friend and Tarzan's friend lived in the same apartment complex. One day they were both in the parking lot at the same time and they met. They were instant friends and went to Tarzan's friend's apartment to visit. While they were there, Tarzan call his friend and said, "Hey, I just broke up with my girlfriend and I need someone to date." His friend turned to my friend and said, "You want to date Tarzan, he's a good friend of mine?" My friend said, "No, I don't date black men, but I know someone who might want to date him." She knew I didn't have a problem with race.

They gave him my phone number and he called me---and he called me---and he called me for over a week, we talked on the phone. At first, I was a little put off, because he ask very direct and personal questions that I was not comfortable answering and I told him so. "I don't think we know each other well enough to share that kind of information."

Finally, I told Tarzan that either we needed to meet or quit wasting our time talking on the phone. He agreed to meet me at McKinna's. We agreed what each would wear (he lied) and a time and date to meet. I didn't want him coming to my home until I met him personally, the world is full of weirdos, you know.

I showed up looking mighty hot, I must say. I stood by the door and waited. Soon, a black man walked up to me (not wearing what he had said he would wear because if I was a dog, he was going to just not say anything and leave) and asked who I was waiting for. I said, "Are you Tarzan?" He replied, "No, I'm not, but if I was, I sure wouldn't leave someone as fine as you standing here waiting" AND WALKED OFF.

He went back to the bar where he had been watching for me. The man he was visiting with asked if I was his blind date and he said that I was. The man at the bar said, "Man when I have a blind date, she always turns out to be a dog. You better go over there before she leaves."

Here our stories differ slightly, however, this part we both agree on. When he returned, I doubted his truthfulness and he offered to show me his driver's license. I didn't have my glasses on -- he could have been Jack the Ripper and I wouldn't have been able to tell. We had a short evening and he was going to leave, when I said, "That's it? No dinner, no movie, nothing, just hello, a drink and goodbye?" He said, "Well, I guess I could take you out to eat." He did and the evening was very enjoyable--dinner sealed my fate, I chose a small hole-in-the wall restaurant instead of an big, expensive, fancy place. He was in love.

And that is how we met fourteen years ago.

Those whom He calls He qualifies

acuna matata

Is that a witch?

It's raining cats and dogs

I love you Grandi

Yay--charity wins

Did you get all your church work done?

I thought of life without you today
And I didn't like it
If you were gone
I would want you to come back