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A date with Tarzan

It's Friday. We both had interesting days. Tarzan called me and asked if he could take me out to dinner. I, of course, said "yes."

We got in the car and started out. He asked, "Where would you like to go?"

Once again, I was sucked into answering that dreaded question. "Rubio's" I said.

"Oh, I was thinking Applebees."

"Okay. That's fine with me. Let's go to Applebees."

We headed west to the Applebees on 51st Avenue. There were people everywhere waiting in line. Tarzan said, "I'm not in the mood to wait in a line like that. Let's go somewhere else." He began to drive again and stared down the road to our house.

I asked, "where are we going?" Thinking he had decided to just go home.

"The Casino. I feel like a good steak." We headed south on 51st Avenue.

At the Casino, the smell of cigarette smoke was overpowering. They no longer had a "restaurant." They only had a deli. What? You can…

SPT I've been meaning to do that for the longest time

My whole life I have hated to miss out on anything!!! I hate to leave the room because you will have fun when I leave. I hate to be sent to bed early because you will have fun as soon as I fall asleep. I hate to miss church because they will have the best sermon and the best music on the day I miss. I hate to be left out when someone has a party, they will surely have a good time without me.

My mother jokes (to my embarrasement) that when I was a little girl and we lived in Germany, no matter where we were you could find us by asking if anyone had seen the American family with the little girl who has her hands between her legs. She will then demonstrate what a little girl, needing to go to the bathroom, does.

Nothing has changed, I will put it off until I am miserable and when I finally give in, I am so glad to complete a task I have been meaning to do for the longest time.

I love red


When to Wash Your Hands. SPT

Ignore the date, the battery died on my camera. I need a pedicure! Don't you think washing your hands after handling your feet is a good choice here?

I personally wash my hands all the time. Since I was treated for HCV, I am a nut about it. Also, I work on computers and it is SO GROSS to work on someone's computer when the keyboard has enough food in it to feed the hungry and you can tell they never wash their hands because the keys are so filthy.
Okay, I have been snake proofed. LOL. If you look closely at this picture you will see that I am wearing chaps, and I don't mean the Ralph Lauren scent. These are bonified snake chaps. We took the dogs out this weekend to try them out and I didn't get bit by one snake, they must have worked. Dottie is the "orange" one and Suzie is the "liver" one. They can't wait for quail season. We missed dove season because we didn't have the chaps. Since I am writing this, I may as well tell you that I am the sucker in this foresome. Dottie and Suzie find the birds and point, I flush them out of the bush and Tarzan shoots over my head. Hmmmmm, I think maybe I need to rethink this activity.

Sandi School Pics

I had to dismantle my photo album to do this so you got a few extras. Notice one in particular taken in Germany, note the chain around my neck, I'll blog about it later. As for first day of school memories. I have to say that is one memory I don't have, I can tell you all kinds of other things about school days, but not the first day back, ever in all 12 years K-12.

I lead an interesting life

I went to Labcor to have a blood test. Since I had to fast for the test and I had a RS Presidency meeting at 8:30, I arrived early. There was a sign up sheet in the hall for those who arrived early to sign up in order of their arrival. When I got there, 2 men were standing in the hall and 1 man came up right after me.

They informed me of the procedure for signing up. I stepped up to the sign in sheet and without thinking, signed my name SANDI HEYWOOD. The 3rd man, stepped up to sign his name and I suddently realized what I had done and told the men in the hall with me. We all laughed and I corrected it. SANDI GRANDBERRY.

Now, I only tell you this because it was a lead in to what happened next.

One of the men started to tease me saying that I must still have a crush on my first husband, which brought up the subject of his wife.

"I have been with my sweetheart for 30 years." He bragged. "I even went to prison and I came back to her."

I tried to be light with such new foun…

End of Summer Self Portrait--SPT

It's the end of summer and it's still hot and I have a scar on my neck and feet from having moles and warts removed and I haven't lost any weight because it has been too hot to move and we went a couple of weeks with an air conditioner that limped along and Tarzan got bit by a snake which put me into an ice cream eating frenzy and sleep deprivation. But now it is going to be fall soon and the weather will cool down and everything will be better.