A sad thing

While driving home last night, we listened to a radio piece on NPR about hate crimes against people who have stickers on their cars for Obama/Biden. We have a magnet on our car. It was a sad choice for us to remove our magnet to insure our safety. We decided not to put our opinion literally on the street, but to keep it in our conversation, on our blog and in our vote. Isn't that sad? Since we have double jeopardy being a mixed race couple and having the magnet, it was a hard choice, but one we took seriously.

On a lighter note.

Today, I stopped by the UPS Store to pick up a package and I was so excited, not knowing what it was. It had "Longaberger" stamped on the outside of the box. I thought, "Someone bought me a basket. How great." I couldn't think who it was or why they would be buying me a Longaberger basket -- no birthdays, no holidays, hmmmmmm. I threw it in the car unopened because I was going to be late for work. At a stop light, the curiosity got to me an I opened the box.

Bummer, it was a life jacket for our DOG. The Doggy Store had used a Longaberger box to ship it. Pooh.

Here is a great contest by a really good photographer, see if you can enter and win. Go see some of her kewl pictures.

Squirrel hunting—two words I never thought would come out of my mouth in reference to my weekend activities, but there you go, I said it. Friday, we drove up to Springerville, Arizona to stay in my Mom’s house before she had it winterized. Tarzan went with his new sidekick Toy—“Me hunt squirrel” I asked if he was going to hunt “moose and squirrel” with the appropriate Russian accent—he didn’t think it was funny. The wind blew, the rain fell and still Tarzan and sidekick hunted with dog in tow.

I slept in until 10:00 a.m. read my book, went to the drug store (Oh, if you are not from Springerville you can’t appreciate that comment—I went to the drug store—if you want to find something to spend your money on, they have it at Western Drug. They have everything you could ever want there from hunting paraphernalia to fabric, ribbons and patterns along with all the other drug store type stuff you would ever want. It is amazing.)

They shot 5 squirrel between them. Tarzan gutted, cleaned and prepared them for the freezer – showered and went to bed before the sun went down.

6:00 a.m. Sunday off they went again and got more squirrel (no moose). I watched old movies and read my book “The Fourth War.” I graded papers and napped. It was glorious. Monday we cleaned Mom’s house and washed our sheets and towels and came on home.

I commented on the way home that I wished every moment of my life would feel just like I felt at that moment. Relaxed, no worries, not thinking about politics or the economy, no worries about any of the sisters in our ward or my kids or grandkids…..sigh!

Lousy: Wrecked car 2 weeks ago
Good: Tarzan found a used Lexus that we could afford

Lousy: Someone threw large cement pavers through the double paned, tinted sliding glass doors at our rental property the day before the renters were to move in
Good: Insurance paid for it

Lousy: They stole all the light fixtures and ceiling fans we had ready to be installed.
Good: Insurance paid for it

Lousy: The renters in our other rental property had marital problems and changed their minds about renting from us
Good: They forfitted their deposit

Lousy: No renters
Good: New renters the next day for $100 more

Lousy: Tarzan put the first dent in the Lexus
Good: I still love him

Have you ever been working with a man and had him freeze in his tracks because you asked him a question about something that he had not been thinking about?

Did he become incapable of working and sputter, “uh, uh” and get a little irritated?

Have you ever been working with a man, while he tried to get a piece of big-fancy equipment to work so he could blow out the leaves from the porch, and you got the broom and swept the area clean before he could get it going, and then he was disappointed that he didn’t get to use his blower?

Have you ever been working with a man, while he was trying to get a sprayer to work so he could spray an even layer of cleanser on the refrigerator you are cleaning up, and you got a bucket of water and a bottle of spray cleaner, and cleaned it before he could get his sprayer to work?

What is with guys and their need to have “the right tool do to the job?”