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New Task

I have a new task, creating tips and tricks for my 97-year-old mother so she can use her electronic devices.

This one is for using her iPhone.  She has hearing aids that link into the phone, sometimes it doesn't work and she gets confused.  These are instructions to put the phone on speaker so she can hear.  Feel free to use it.

189th Semiannual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

What do you do to make General Conference exciting in your home?  Here are a few ideas I and others have used to become and remain engaged in the process.
Make the weekend fun, plan a full two days of favorite foods and activities around conference time. Involve every family member in planning the weekend with crafts, food, activities, and journalsHave a project you work on only during conference. We worked on a conference quilt embroidering designs on blocks to include in the quiltHave everyone select a word ("the" is not allowed) and every time the person hears her or his word they get a small treatPlay conference bingoKeep a conference journal like this one or this oneListen and write down any blessings you hear in conference talksMake a general conference wall here is one way to do it for small childrenPlay Fantasy General ConferenceHave dinner with an apostleFor small children make General Conference Stations in the TV RoomDownload the Conference Family Packet October 20…

On Managing My Time

It seems a simple thing to write down a schedule and stick to it.  I made a nice little schedule to be sure I got everything done for BYU-Idaho.  See it really is a nice little schedule
What this nice little schedule doesn't account for is my 97-year-old mother.  She is self-sufficient, but not completely.  Between 7 and 8 a.m. I helped her three times, each time interrupting my thought process and requiring a reset.  They weren't big things, finding a cap to her pills that she dropped, reminding her how to use her new hair product, and then later taking the spray bottle for the new hair product and pumping all the air out until it actually would spray.

Something else this nice little schedule doesn't account for is my sweet Tarzan who called me during my 8:00 hour to discuss finances.  This caused an interruption of thought and required a reset as well.

And then there are the dogs.  They had cornered some little creature and were actively trying to "get" it from un…

Lucky Me

Lucky, lucky, lucky me
I'm a lucky son of a gun
I work eight hours, I sleep eight hours and save eight hours for fun ♪♫♫♪

Do you ever think about how lucky you are?  Getting away from thinking about your problems can make problems more bearable.  Try counting your blessings--you may have some of these and they are not in order, but here are a few things to think about.

Food on the table Car to drive House to live in Bed to sleep on Job to pay the bills Family Friends

The Godhead
Sun Clouds and Rain
Animal Life
Doctors and Nurses