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I am grateful...

for wrinklesfor days when my body has no painfor two eyes that can still seefor two ears that can still hearfor joints that workfor two legs that can still take the stairs 2 at a time if I want to for two arms and hands that can type on my blogfor safety in my carfor a little extra cash in the bankfor a job (both of our jobs)for my hairI can move my head with easeI can danceI don't live in the snow right nowI am not be in constant painthat I can see with glasses, and sometimes withoutthat I can switch my mouse to the left side simply because my right hand is tiredI can still take the stairs 2 at a timefor family loveI don't have to hook up a horse and buggy to go visit the sisters in the WardA new Weston Heavenly Bed

One of us Done Somethin' Good

July 2008
Bob and Tori Morley Family:
We know that other members of our family have earned A's, but only the Morleys are cashing in. While it may be a controversy in your family it's not in ours. Tarzan gives $5 for every A and I give $5 for every good comment from the teacher. The Morleys cleaned up with $80 in A's and good comments this weekend. $50 of it went to Harris. What grades did you get?
April 2008
Bob and Tori Morley Family:
Maddison performed a vocal solo in competition, Homeward Bound, and got the highest score you can get. She also performed a duet, Scarbourogh Fair, and got the second highest score. She has a beautiful voice.
Amber played on a volleyball team that was undefeated all season. In the playoffs they lost one game and that put them in 3rd place. There is something wrong with that picture. Amber is a great server.

Brian and Rochelle Heywood Family:
Tristan Heywood got the lead part in the school play. He is PeterPan. I listened to him practice his songs a…