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Mother's Day

I've had 43 Mother's Days. This year just about wins the prize for the mother of all Mothers' Days. Tarzan said, "Do you want to do something for Mother's Day?" I said, "Not if I have to plan it." Tarzan, "Oh."

End of conversation. About two hours later he called me back and said, "We have a date at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. Is it okay to celebrate Mother's Day a day early." "Sure." I say.
Then I start thinking about it, Saturday at 5:15 is the Laker's game, I bet we are going to a sports bar. Maybe he is taking me to Circle K for hot dogs--but that is another story.
Hmmmmm, what could it be, I resist the temptation to ask.
Saturday morning we got up early and started working in the yard. Several times during the day he reminded me we had to leave before 5:00 p.m. Then I started wondering if someone was coming to the house and he was surprising me.
I still did not ask.
At 4:45 exactly, we were cleaned up and in the car. We s…

Sitting in Safeway waiting for a Prescription

A man comes over--he smells like sweat. He sits down at the blood pressure machine. I speak to him. "Hi, how are you today." "Good. I have to take my blood pressure it is all over the place." He closes his eyes, takes several deep breaths and -- with his eyes still closed pushes the button to start the test.
"Did you pass?" I ask.
"134/72." He replies.
"Not bad." He smiles and goes off. The little cubby hole I'm in still smells of sweat.
Next, a little three-year-old boy comes up. He looks over the machine. "What dat?" He asks me. I explain what it is and he asks how it works. I explain about the buttons and he wants to push them.
"Don't push the buttons -- it's not a toy."
"Otay. If I put my fingow heeow, it pinch me?"
"No, it is made for a big boy. Your finger is too little."
"Oh. If i put my aaam in, it pinch me?"
"No, your arm isn't big enough."
He gets closer and…