Why I teach...

Kind notes from my students:

"I have to repeate myself again that taking your class was not like taking any other classes because your classes are so interesting and seemed like we're having fun most the time. Thank you very much for everything."

"I love this class, do you teach other courses at delta? I have never looked forward to homework so much."

"Thank you for a wonderful class. Really enjoyed it , and learned a lot from you."

"Just a quick note to thank you. I throughly enjoyed this class and it was a pleasure having you as the instructor. You do a fabulous job and your teaching style is very easy to understand and learn from. "

"There was this one time, in second grade....well I loved my teacher so much, I didn't want to go on summer vacation because I knew I would miss her. I am sad to see this semester come to an end because you are so great!"

"thanks ms grandberry :D. i knew you wouldn't let me down :D.. By the way I just wanted to let you know you are one of the best teachers I've had since iv'e been at delta..most all of my classes are online because I have so many other things going on in my life to go to campus. I am holding 2 jobs and doing 3 classes. So its really tough : /..but thanks for being so understanding and helping me. I appreciate it. I also learned alot and I feel very comfortable working in HTML. "

"I really liked this class. I've never had an internet class that used the chatroom, I liked that. It was something different."

"Great teacher! I learned so much in this class about HTML and she really knows her stuff. I recommend this class if you want to learn HTML."

"Mrs. Grandberry is so helpful, and kind. As long as you communicate with her she is incredibly helpful and understanding. I would love to take more courses with her as my professor!I came away from the class with a wealth of knowledge."

"Teacher was very patience and very understanding. She teaches very well."


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