Today, April 20, 2007, we had a bomb scare at the Arizona State Capital where I work. We all went outside to wait and there was a young man there who was visiting the Capital. He had blue hair, parted down the middle with a goatee that was braided with blue beads to match the color of his hair. It reminded me of another Christmas memory.

I think it was 1961. We were living in the "Ellsworth house" in St. Johns, Arizona. My Mom gave my sister, Inez, and I several cans of colored hair spray as Christmas presents. She bought us one of every color, green, blue, pink and silver.

After opening them Christmas morning and trying them on our hair, which was fabulous dawling, Inez and I decided to spray some on Mom. She resisted so a chase ensued. Inez and I got her down on the floor and sprayed the bottom of both of her feet blue. She then got up and began chasing us to spray both of us when one of us stepped backward and stepped right on her foot and broke her little toe.

It immediately swoll to three times its size and turned black and blue. We put her in the car and rushed her to the emergency room. When she put her feet up on the gurney there they were, both feet bright blue on the bottom.

We all still laugh about the look on the dotor's face when he saw it.


So good to see you... This eblog thing is just so fun, and so neat to see so many old friends. It looks like we are moving back into the ward, we are just uncertain when. We have renters in our house that are going to let us know when they are moving out. We'll keep you updated :)