Who is Anthony? Anthony is my very dear friend. We have been friends for 24 years. When I was going through hard times, Anthony was the friend who supported me and got me through it all with no questions asks, accepting me for who I am and not who he expected me to be.

We used to just spend time doing nothing much and when I needed to talk, he was there. It's funny, I don't remember him ever needing to talk and me just being there for him.

Yesterday, Tarzan and I went to the Hospice to visit a friend who is dying of cancer. As we were leaving, I looked in the door of one of the rooms and said "Anthony? Is that Anthony McCune?" A gruff voice weakly said "Yes."

I said, "What are you doing in here?" He replied, "Dying."

That was Sunday. Today, I went to visit him during my lunch hour. I asked him if he remembered going with me to the mall and walking into a store that sold sound systems and dancing with me, right there in the middle of everything. People stopped and smiled at us. We both danced and sang. It is a lovely memory.

He did.

We tried to remember the song, it was an old song. He could not recall, I have been thinking about it all day. I think it was "You Make Me Feel So Young."

He can only raise his left leg, he can't even lift his right leg off the bed. It is hard to see a good friend suffer.


You are a good friend and great leader. Thank you.

Sandi, you are a wonderful woman...please let me know how I can help Francelle..

thank you!


Isn't it great that the memory of your friend Anthony is one of peace and fond memories. You are lucky to have had such a relationship yet it's sad to see your friend as he is now. I'm sure your visit gave him a lift. UL

Hospice is never a good place to run into someone, but I bet he was so happy to see you! Thank you for all you do.


isn't it 'such a small world'? Even though it must be hard to see - I'm glad you found him - that happened for a reason. I bet you made his day.

I'm sorry about your friend. It is nice you can be a comfort to him at this time.