Do something CAARAAZEE.

Where I work, there is always something fun going on. The Arizona Game and Fish Department set up a display where you could have your picture taken with wild birds. This is a vulture. I was leaning over and talking to it saying "you're a pretty bird" and "do you love all this attention" and things like that -- baby talk. The girl running the thing said, "You may want to move back a little." She then told me that this particular bird loves to peck people. Mine is strictly a pose, but the photographer loved it and gave me both pictures even though they were only offering 1 per person.

Today the Association of Counties and the Society of Civil Engineers are all set up with tents outside. They have all kinds of kewl give aways and usually free lunch.


Yeah, I'd say that looks pretty crazy!! And now I have a million questions, the first that your bird? What kind IS it? I think I'm just gonna have to read more of your blog now. Great SPT!

Oh, your fun personality shines through on this one!

okay, puh-leeze explain. because i love these photos!!

Sandi, I'm laughing sooo hard! You are too funny :). WHERE were these pictures taken?

By the way, love your hair--it looks so cute and the color is pretty.

This is great! You look so young in the pictures and now you need to share the story. Boston wants to know if it a different grandberry! Thanks for the birthday message!

Wow you are gorgeous, Sandi! Even with that ugly bird sitting next to you...fess up chicky! What's the deal with these photos? They're rad!