Today, I bought some mint foot scrub and mint lotion. Came home and just stopped everything to give Tarzan a surprise foot treatment. No special occasion, he has just not been feeling well.

  1. Feet in hot Dr. Scholl oatmeal soak.
  2. Towel on my lap
  3. Right foot scrubbed
  4. Right foot back in soak
  5. Left foot scrubbed
  6. Left foot back in soak
  7. Right foot dried and lotioned
  8. Left foot dried and lotioned
  9. 1 Excedrin PM
  10. Electric Blanket on
  11. Good night's sleep

What a pleasant surprise. He loved it and all of the product was made by a friend with a small business (all natural products) so she got help, he got help, I felt good, everybody wins.


you're a great wifey, sandi!

Your footbath sounds wonderful. However, since I only have two toes on my left foot and only two thirds of my right foot left due to amputations, I don't have much left for footbath therapy. Daily inspections are important though. UL