Feed children
Pack lunches
Drive to 2 different schools to deliver children
Grocery Shopping
Buy present for birthday party Friday
Answer e-mail
Grade Papers
Fix lunch
Grade Papers
Get Amber and Harris off the bus

At this point, we were all sitting in the kitchen having after school snacks when I heard a far away whine. It was so distinct that I asked Tori what it was. She jumped up out of her chair and her eyes got really wide and she said, "I bet it is the tornado warning." I thought she was joking, it was just barely sprinkling outside, hardly what I would think was a serious storm of any kind. We turned on the Weather channel and sure enough, we were right in the middle of a tornado warning. They said our town had about 20 minutes before we were in danger, so we jumped in the car and ran to school to pick up Maddison. Within about 2 minutes the rain was so heavy I couldn't see the road. I drove carefully to the school and we got Maddison. As we started home, we got some hail and then suddenly, and while the rain was still pouring down on us, the sun came up on one side of the valley and shown like crazy. So one side of the car was drenched in sunlight while the other side of the car was in the rain clouds.

When we got home there was still hail on the lawn, the wind was blowing and the rain was subsiding while the sun continued to shine down like crazy. We all went in the house to watch the weather channel and just like that it was over. Whew! I haven't been in a tornado ever. Hurricanes, yes, but tornados never.

The thing that made this so scary was the children. I think any man in this situation would have said, the children are safe at school. Let's wait until the storm passes and then go pick them up. Our maternal instinct was to get them with us so we could be in charge of their safety. Maybe not the smartest move, but we had checked to be sure we had a window of opportunity for safety before busting forth.

The rest of my activities for the evening pale in comparison to that one hour in our day.

So, how was your Monday?


Smoley Hokes!! That would have scared my guts. I was waiting for you to say APRIL FOOL'S. I had a bad dream last night and the first thing I could do was to tell my girls to get their 72 hours kits updated. Glad you are ok.