Two weekends ago traveling in Ireland

One weekend ago camping in Arizona This past weekend in Memphis.

These last two pictures are of my dear sweet mother-in-law. I put them here as a reminder -- whoever your mother is, she won't be here, healthy and laughing forever. Please call your mother and let her know you love her. Forgive her for whatever you think she did to offend you and move on with your life with peace of mind and love in your heart. My only regret for my mother-in-law is that I didn't get to know her longer--before she got so sick. The little time I did spend with her was a great delight. Even in this frail condition, she is a delight to be around. "Hi, Mom, how you doin'?" "Hey, baaaybee, Iii'm jesss fiiiine. How you doin'?" and later "I love you baaaybee." Her heavy southern accent draws out words of love. I love her dearly.

This trip was a reminder that Tarzan and I need to enjoy my mother more while she is still healthy so we continue to amass lots of good memories to carry with us.


Oh my! I love all your traveling photos, then your mother in law picture broke my heart. That my dear is part of what scares the daylights out of me. I have had this huge fear of old dying people since I was a very little girl.. They just look so helpless & in pain & it just breaks my heart more then I can take..
Thank you for your comment on my blog. I really am stressing over my little one & her fasicination. You are right.
I hope your dear mother in law is in peace & you both get to spend time with her.
Tarzan looks like the actor from "The Green Mile"

Did I tell you this already? We thought my Allie had Hep C up until about 3 mo. ago... Her cord blood was + with it. Miracles & blessings sure can happen. She endured a lot from her birth mom & the choices she had made while being pregnant!

Ireland...ah, I am jealous. How wonderful. Looks like you guys have been busy traveling. Yes, life is all about family and enjoying the moments together. Thanks for the reminder.