I saw joy.

I saw an old motel converted into apartments. The motel was in a U-shape with a big parking lot in the center. Their used to be a swimming pool, but that had been filled and a cement slab poured over the top. At the front of the property there was a large city dumpster.

In this parking lot, I saw a Dad and 2 little boys playing basketball. The only thing they had for a basket was the dumpster. The Dad was making the boys work hard to get the ball in the dumpster.

They were finding joy in that moment and I wondered why we sometimes require so much when so little can bring joy.


What a great picture you saw. I love watching fathers play with their children too. Shows that some men still have value for their family in a world where not everyone has a good father figure. What a joy.

I love watching families play together. And I love to see old buildings be turned into something useful, instead of just left there to fall down.