I do not sweat--Recent Monday Memory

You remember Papa's Grow Sticks? Of course you do, how could you forget something so important to me? Well, we finally found a lumber source in Springerville, Arizona. They custom cut them for us and every stick is from a forest conservation project so we are not not only made in the USA, we are green.

This is Charlie, he is loading 700 pieces of lumber into the pickup we rented for the trip.

That's a lot of lumber. We are going to be very busy.

See how neatly it is stacked.

Whoa, it looks a little crooked. Watch out Tarzan...

Do you think that pickup can hold a load like this?

Tarzan looks a little worried.

Those straps are ingenious. We thought we were going to have to unbundle it to get it in the truck.


Going doeoeoeown...See Charlie standing up to be sure it goes in the bed of the truck?

And in it goes, we made it...

Tarzan is guiding it along...

Notice the wheel well...

Whoa, that is one heavy load. Not much space left in the wheel well.

Tarzan and Charlie are checking out the weight on the pickup...
We made it home but about 30 minutes into the drive home, we did have to stop and redistribute the weight of the lumber, see in the last picture how it is over to the left a bit? That made things real scary and having had another scary experience with weight shifting, we decided it was worth the effort to break down the bunch and redistribute the weight.

When we arrived home we had to unload that lumber, we were having an unexpected 100° day. I do not sweat. I get a little moist sometimes, but drops of sweat like basketball players have do not form on my body, especially not on my face. Well I got so hot and worked so hard that sweat actually dripped off my eyebrow. I thought I was bleeding. When we finished we were going to run some errands and go out to eat...


When we finished, we ate leftover roast beef sandwiches, took a hot shower, and fell into bed exhausted.

The ole' gray mare, she ain't what she used to be.


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