A man comes over--he smells like sweat. He sits down at the blood pressure machine. I speak to him. "Hi, how are you today." "Good. I have to take my blood pressure it is all over the place." He closes his eyes, takes several deep breaths and -- with his eyes still closed pushes the button to start the test.

"Did you pass?" I ask.

"134/72." He replies.

"Not bad." He smiles and goes off. The little cubby hole I'm in still smells of sweat.

Next, a little three-year-old boy comes up. He looks over the machine. "What dat?" He asks me. I explain what it is and he asks how it works. I explain about the buttons and he wants to push them.

"Don't push the buttons -- it's not a toy."

"Otay. If I put my fingow heeow, it pinch me?"

"No, it is made for a big boy. Your finger is too little."

"Oh. If i put my aaam in, it pinch me?"

"No, your arm isn't big enough."

He gets closer and casually puts his finger up to push the buttons.

"Please don't play with the machine, it isn't a toy."

"Otay." He backs off, then his Mom or sister, or aunt or whoever she was finishes her business with the Pharmacist and yells at him, "get over her, we need to go home."

Why do people do that? Why can we just speak to children the way we want to be spoken to? I bet if her boss talked to her that way she would quit her job.


I HATE that too! Parents are so mean sometimes. Sometimes, in the store, I feel like taking their kids home with me. But then I remember that Brody is exhausting enough right now lol.

Oh I so hear you. I don't understand it either. I wish parents could just stop and listen to themselves sometimes. That is what I really enjoy about watching the Duggar family every week. Michelle always talks so gently and kindly to her children, and they in turn talk to their siblings the same.