Can't wait to see what's next

I woke up this morning to a normal day...Got up, went outside to water my flower/herb garden

Then, because it is Wednesday, I was going to clean the showers and tubs.  I went to get rags and all the red microfiber rags were in a pile waiting to be washed.  I have to use red in the bathroom because Tarzan now is the quality assurance manager for a corporate cleaning company and he has to keep them within OSHA rules.  One of those rules is only red in the bathroom and only green in the kitchen...
Green is for the Kitchen, blue is for dusting, yellow is for general cleaning, red for the bathroom...
So, I picked up the dirty cloths to put them in the washing machine and the washing machine had clothes in it that had been there for two days (in the Phoenix heat)...I put them in the dryer with extra Bounce in hopes they would not be sour and loaded the microfiber cloths in the washer.  Since I had nothing to wash the bathrooms with, I began assisting Tarzan has he put together our new coffee
table and end tables...

I suggested we read the instructions and went to get my glasses.  When I returned Tarzan nearly had the coffee table put together.  I began to look at the boxes we had left and expressed my confusion as there was still a box with legs for the coffee table.  Tarzan had put the end table legs on the coffee table.  In case you didn't know the end table legs are longer so they fit up next to the arms of the couch.  It's all better now, but...

I stepped into the shower to get ready for work.  I had taken everything off the shower caddy so I could clean it.  This put everything in the wrong place and I reached for the shampoos doused my hair with it and then realized it was body wash.  My hair felt like straw when I rinsed it out.

I was supposed to be at work at 9:00, but Tarzan and I had to go get blood tests first.  I finished getting ready by 7:30 and told Tarzan I had to be at work by 9:00.  He dilly-dallied along until 8:45 and we are a 1/2 hour drive away from the doctor.  Obviously, I was going to be late for work.  We got ready to leave and he told me we were going in separate cars.


Blood tests done, 1 hour late for work, hair that feels like straw, and I got out of the car to go into work and notice I have my house slippers on.

Life is good.


Unknown said…
LOL! Too funny! C'mere, and lemme give you a hug -- it'll get better - pinkie swear! :)

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