I saw this on someone else's blog and I lost who it was, so I share it with you with full disclosure that it is a copy from another crocheting blogger. The instructions are simple.

  • Make a chain long enough that it measures the same as the headband.

  • Single crochet down one side and then chain one and turn

  • Single crochet down the other side of the chain.

  • Now, fold the two sides of single crochet together and slip stitch them together so you form a tube.

  • Don't close one end of it.

  • Slip the headband into the tube and stitch the end closed.

That's it. I am going to make one for each of my granddaughters.



Talia loved the rainbow headband and wants one like it. Sasha said if you can do two colors she would like pink and white. if not, she wants hers in lime green.

Thank you!!

I bet your granddaughters will love them, especially because you made them. :)