Googled Cinco de Mayo (so I would be sure to post my first SPT properly) and found that it is much like St. Patrick's day. Celebrated in America but no so much in Ireland/Mexico. "A common misconception in the United States is that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's Independence Day; Mexico's Independence Day is September 16 (dieciséis de septiembre in Spanish)." (

The discovery that it is simply a celebration for the sake of celebrating allows for this celebration. I bought the tickets to go to Germany for 12 days--June 2-14. Whoohoo!

This is a birthday present for my husband.

Did you know you have a golden birthday? It is the day when the age you turn is the same as the day in the month you were born. My golden birthday was December 31, 1977. When was yours?


sounds like an excellent reason to celebrate!!

my golden birthday was november 25, 1980. i think?

Germany?? That is terrific! I bet Lee is so excited to get you all to himself for a few days, away from this crazy place! I hope we can hold the fort down without you...

Ah Man! Had I known about the golden birthday thing I would have had reason to call for a bigger celebration! Love a reason to celebrate! Mine was in 2004...May 22. Scot & I were on our honeymoon - a cruise in Mexico. I suppose that was celebration enough!

Us American's are so funny, we like to make up the rules as we go I suppose :-P! Oh well, we are who we are, my golden Birthday was when I was 9 on September, 14, 1989. I bet I got lots more presents that year, my Mom tended to spoil all of us pretty well.