Please don't hate me. When I get my Christmas cards finished the Thursday after Thanksgiving at our Card-a-poluza activity at the Church, I'm done.

You see, we have ten grandchildren and they have twenty-two grandparents. We decided that rather than get caught up in the Christmas hub-bub and have the children not really even know who sent them what, we would give presents all year long. So, beginning in January and continuing through November, our children and grandchildren get presents from us wrapped in Christmas paper. The first year it was really hard to break the habit of sending something at Christmas time, but the second year it was a breeze, this year, I don't even feel worried that the little grandchildren won't understand. A child who receives a game for their Wii in June is far more appreciative than a child who receives it at Christmas in "competition" with a bazillion other gifts.

So, you see, I am finished. Tarzan and I usually make a large batch of something fun to give people who come to our house. One year it was prickly pear jam, one year it was bottled banana nut bread, this year, someone told me they had a margarita jam recipe, I'm trying to get that, but if we don't get it, it doesn't matter, we can just give out a card to anyone who comes by.
This tradition allows us to focus on the true purpose of Christmas and renew our intention to do kind deeds throughout the year.


sounds like a good deal all around!

and if you find that recipe for margarita jam, please share!

What a great idea.. I love it. I really like the idea of focusing on what the season is really about.

I think that is a great idea, and I bet you do enjoy christmas more, because you are not stressed about getting presents wraped and sent.

My parents are in the middle of trying to radically change their Christmas/grandchildren habits. You sound like you have a good system.

my dad thinks like you do. he'd rather buy us something when he sees it and thinks of us than find something to buy simply because it's the thing to do. I like the idea- and it gives you time to enjoy the holiday the way it was meant to be!

neat! hope all is well with you! Happy Thankgiving

I think that's a fabulous idea! I know the gifts are far more appreciated throughout the year!