Military Shoes

It's not that I have nothing to blog about, it's just that I am soooo busy right now. So, here goes nothing. See these shoes?
We have a new Intern working in our office and I noticed his SHINY, black shoes while we were playing a dice game (yes, we were taking a game break since none of us smoke and we don't take smoke breaks). I asked if he came from a military family. He said no, he just bought brand new shows for 26 cents last weekend to wear to his new job with us. Tarzan would be proud of the shiny, black shoes. Where in the world can you buy shoes like that for 26 cents?

Okay, back to work.


Barb said…
Those shoes are definately blog worthy - 26 cents? How?
Rachel said…
26 cents! WHat decade is he shopping in? Very cool!
I love that you posted, you've been missed!
Sandi said…
He had gift certificates from his mom and dad since this was his first official job out of high school, so he only had to come up with 26 cents on his own.

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