When I arrived, Anthony was watching golf on TV. We talked about the time we went to the PGA here in Phoenix when it was the Thunderbird. Now, they have changed the name to some initials that I don't even know what they mean, so I refuse to remember them. But I digress...

Our trip to the golf tournament was a fun adventure. Anthony had been before and he knew just what to do. We went to the beginning hole where all the big names were. After they all teed off we walked over to the final hole and waited for them to make it to the end. That way we always had a good seat for the two most important holes. We remembered thinking the guys with the little coats who hushed the crowd were funny. We also remembered the crowd at the party hole. We avoided that, but you could hear them all over the course. It was an easy day with no pressure. Most of the time we spent together was like that.

While we were visiting today, Jeff brought in a little food for Anthony. It was cake mixed in milk. He can't swallow whole food. He took one bite and said he wished the milk was warm. Then he moved too fast and spilled it all over his bed. Jeff and I cleaned him up and then Jeff, cheerfully, took it back and warmed up the milk while we visited some more.

Jeff returned with the warm cake and Anthony took a bite. He closed his eyes and made yummy noises. Two bites and he could not eat any more. Jeff brought him pudding, he can eat pudding.

While I was there he took my hand and told me he loved me. I told him I loved him too and that I appreciated the many times he was there for me when I needed someone to talk to. I told him I never remember a time that he needed me. He cried. I told him not to cry, he would make me ruin my makeup. He laughed and we just sat there with each other in silence.


You are a kind loving person. Isn't it nice that your memories of Anthony at another time in your life helped you be that way? Now you are returning that love.