The spt challenge this week is: may means *wedding month* to me. and, no, this challenge is not going to be about weddings (unless you want it to be...) this month's challenge is simply:

tuesday, may 6 something old
tuesday, may 13 something new
tuesday, may 20 something borrowed
tuesday, may 27 something blue

May 6
Something Old

It is hard for me to believe that the oldest thing in my house is me. LOL. So, I contribute a picture of me as a child after falling out of a car.

We had a car that had doors in the back that opened from front to back(and now you will know why they quit making them). If you were moving and the door came open the wind would catch it and swing it wide open. I was sitting by the window and, obviously, playing with the door handle. We were traveling down the road. The door came open, the wind blew it wide open. I had hold of the handle and was thrown out of the car. My Mom says when she looked back, I was running behind the car as fast as I could, bleeding profusely and screaming, "Don't leave me, don't leave me." She said I was very upset that the car didn't stop immediately. This picture has always cracked me up. Don't I look indignant? I was never allowed to sit by the window again.

Where you ever in a car accident?


what an awesome photograph!! thank goodness you were none the worse for wear.

it's nice to see you at spt this week!

wow- what a story- Poor you, but I was also thinking of your poor mom to see you like that!

Crazy story! You've lived to tell about it.

I seem to have a "hit me" sign on the back of every vehicle I've driven. I've been rear ended four times.

What a crazy story. Good thing that you lived through that one. Sounds dangerous! My little brother did the same thing you did, but the door opened the normal way and thank goodness we were still in the parking lot!

Is that your nose that looks like it's torn off? Holy cow!

I was hit by a car once when I was a teenager.

I was hit by a car as a kid while riding my bike. I was in shock that it just happened that I just got back on my bike & said I was fine & went home...
Love your picture...

If you read my Blog posting called "Life is like a Box of Choklits" you'll remember that I was hit by a car when I was just four years old. It knocked me ninety feet and I was in the hospital for about five or six months. Your story is interesting because your Aunt Pat did the same thing - playing with th4 door handle of our Model A Ford. She suffered a sprained ankle.