I feel the need to write this personal note.

During the time that I have been Relief Society President, I have had the privilege of working with the most awesome women, as counselors, secretaries, teachers and other leaders. The entire time I have been in this position, I have been richly blessed.

Today we had our presidency meeting and I felt the Spirit so strong there. Our secretary, Shannon Taylor-Hutchinson, carefully invited the Spirit to be with us and then each of us in turn contributed to the meeting. Our Enrichment Counselor, Kim Butler, has put together an awesome program for the month of September with great ideas for activities that will serve the sisters well. They are activities that will give the sisters a reason to come and to bring a friend. Our Education Counselor, Amberly Robinson, has the most clear thinking ability. She is able to clearly identify something that needs to be addressed and offer concrete suggestions on how to handle things. She both gives and accepts counsel with such a great spirit, I am always glad to interact with her. Shannon, is so organized and creates such an atmosphere of expectation that we all want to rise to that expectation. She is our constant reminder and cheerleader.

I am so grateful for each one of these sisters and the privilege that is mine to work with them. I love my Heavenly Father and each day I strive to draw close to him. Some days with more success than others, but I always know he is there, that he knows and loves me and meetings like today lift my spirits to the sky and I praise his name.