• Had a day off.
  • Had scheduled doctor appointments throughout the day.
  • Went outside and got in the car to go.
  • It would not start.
  • Called the first doctor, no problem, rescheduled
  • Called the second doctor, no problem, rescheduled
  • Called the third doctor, Dr. Bruce Sand, they are charging me $50 for a no show even though I called them 4 hours in advance and explained why I couldn't make it. I didn't bother to reschedule, I will just find another oncologist. I don't think they have a legal right to charge me since I have signed nothing stating I know about this policy and was not told about it when I made the appointment.
  • Went to pick up our 300ZX and it wasn't ready, after 3 weeks
  • Paid $1,100 for repair work done so far
  • Drove it home, not running any better
  • Had repairman lined up to do work in rental property in Gila Bend
  • Gave us quote for inside house and outside house
  • Outside quote was too high
  • He refused to do inside work unless we also gave him the outside work
  • No reason to go on, suffice it to say, I am in one of those funks.


Wow.. sounds like you had fun today also...Hopefully it will get better tomorrow.

Hope the rest of your weekend went better...days like that are sooo frustrating!