A sad thing

While driving home last night, we listened to a radio piece on NPR about hate crimes against people who have stickers on their cars for Obama/Biden. We have a magnet on our car. It was a sad choice for us to remove our magnet to insure our safety. We decided not to put our opinion literally on the street, but to keep it in our conversation, on our blog and in our vote. Isn't that sad? Since we have double jeopardy being a mixed race couple and having the magnet, it was a hard choice, but one we took seriously.

On a lighter note.

Today, I stopped by the UPS Store to pick up a package and I was so excited, not knowing what it was. It had "Longaberger" stamped on the outside of the box. I thought, "Someone bought me a basket. How great." I couldn't think who it was or why they would be buying me a Longaberger basket -- no birthdays, no holidays, hmmmmmm. I threw it in the car unopened because I was going to be late for work. At a stop light, the curiosity got to me an I opened the box.

Bummer, it was a life jacket for our DOG. The Doggy Store had used a Longaberger box to ship it. Pooh.


Someone told me the other day they were absolutely convinced that if Obama wins he'll be assassinated. My jaw is still recovering from dropping at such a horrifying suggestion. Really, people need better hobbies.