Lousy: Wrecked car 2 weeks ago
Good: Tarzan found a used Lexus that we could afford

Lousy: Someone threw large cement pavers through the double paned, tinted sliding glass doors at our rental property the day before the renters were to move in
Good: Insurance paid for it

Lousy: They stole all the light fixtures and ceiling fans we had ready to be installed.
Good: Insurance paid for it

Lousy: The renters in our other rental property had marital problems and changed their minds about renting from us
Good: They forfitted their deposit

Lousy: No renters
Good: New renters the next day for $100 more

Lousy: Tarzan put the first dent in the Lexus
Good: I still love him


I'm so proud of you for seeing the good in all of that! and bless you for the patience you have with new dents in new cars..ugh!