1. Christmas deocrations--Only a Nativity scene

  2. Cookies baked, candy made--None

  3. Parties attended--Two

  4. Christmas songs listened to--Lots

  5. Papa's Grow Sticks made--Ten

  6. Christmas cards sent--None

  7. Christmas gifts sent--None and won't be until after Christmas

  8. Hours spent at work--160 in 2 weeks

  9. Papers graded--90 in 2 weeks

  10. Cold medicine taken--8 Tylenal cold tablets this week.

  11. Chicken soup consummed--5 cups

  12. Christmas movies watch--Ha, when would I possibly find time to do that.

There is always next year


the question is, are you having fun? do you feel satisfied with what you're getting done? if not, why exactly are you bothering?