This is a picture of one of the joyeous moments in my life. I recently found the wonderful list of reminders on finding joy:

  1. Surround yourself with color--use colors that make you feel good
  2. Start or keep us a blog--express yourself
  3. Schedule guilt-free indulges--like chocolate
  4. Swap CDs with a friend--find out a little about them through music
  5. Be more spontaneous--do something at the last minute just for fun
  6. Spread cheer--smile at strangers, give compliments, be a good listener
  7. Think like a kid--make up a holiday to celebrate
  8. Find the humor in it--whatever it is, find a reason to laugh about it
  9. Make one new friend--only one if it is going to be a true friend, not just an acquaintance
  10. Get more sleep--at least 7 hours a night, lying in bed relaxing while you fall asleep counts
  11. Put your right brain to work--create an artists wall of your own work and change it often
  12. Have a pot luck with friends--strengthen the bonds of friendships and include your new friend
  13. Explore your hometown--you should know all about your surrounding community
  14. Do something that scares you--like jump out of an airplane :-)
  15. Simplify without stress--purge one thing every month for a year
  16. Take a "me" day--Schedule a one-day vacation that is just for you, do whatever you want
  17. Host a closet raid--invite friends to empty their closets and have a trading party
  18. Give good kisses--kissing releases a chemical that makes you feel euphoric
  19. Play hide and seek--write down fun things to do and hide them, when you come across one of them, do it
  20. Make your family laugh--do the unexpected, surprise them, be goofy for a change


I love your picture your kids(grand). The rules are great I need a copy to post on my wall.