Don't think ill of me...

I believe that women should be strong and that we can do anything we want to do...

Therein lies the truth "anything we want to do..."

Here is the memory: I remember when my children were small that they wanted to go fishing. We lived in New Mexico. Their father would not take them, so I loaded everyone in the car, bought some fishing rods and worms at K-Mart and off we went.

We stood on the pier and caught several fish. They had a wonderful time. Brian put the worms on the hooks and they all caught fish.

So, here's the tip: If you don't like to clean fish and there is no one at home who will do it for you, go to the place on the pier where you can clean fish. Stand there with you children around you and wait for the first guy to walk by, then say, "My children just caught some fish. Will you show me how to clean them?" He will gladly do so. You put the cleaned fish in your ice chest and then you just wait for the next guy to come along and ask him to show you how and so on until all the fish are clean.

What I saw: Three delighted children who experienced success.


Ah ha ha ha...LOL...
I remember fishing with my dad. I LOVED it. I loved the time together. However...I would not bait my hook with live bait, I had fun reeling in the fish, but I would not touch the fish after, nor would I, to this day, EAT fish.

But give me a pole and I will sit there all day with my dad or anyone else.

I too remember fishing with my dad. Never had to worry about cleaning the fish, never caught any. Sure had some great times sitting on the side of some beautiful mountain lakes. (I really think the fishing was just an excuse to get out in the woods.)