As I drove to work today, I saw four people standing at the bus stop. Interestingly, my first thought was that they were all together because they were all dressed in dark cloths and had on shirts or jackets that, from a distance, looked like they matched.


As I got closer to them I noticed they were strategically positioned so they would not make eye contact with each other or have to speak to each other. For some reason this saddened me.

And I thought...
How did we, as a society get so that we don't interact with each other on a casual, friendly basis?
How did we move to a position of self absorption so that we avoid contact with strangers?

Let's change that.
Join me in this movement.

I will:

  1. Speak to strangers on the street -- just a simple nod and hello
  2. Greet the clerk in the store with a smile and ask how their day is going
  3. Smile at little children in public and tell them I appreciate how nice they are acting
  4. Get to know my neighbors better
  5. Listen carefully when someone talks to me
  6. Speak to people on the elevator
  7. Speak to people on the bus or at the bus stop

Will you?


love, love, love this! i need to be much better about this!

You can count me in. I love this too and am glad to see a new post from you!

Not to sound proud, but I think I already do most of these things. I feel uncomfortable passing someone and NOT smiling at them. Maybe it's a midwestern thing? In any case... I think that this is a great idea.

Sure, I like this challenge. I live this challenge. Makes life very interesting!