Expanding on Lelly's definition--

Geek: Someone who knows a lot about computers, but also has other interests about which she can converse, such as sky diving, grandchildren, crochet, cooking...

Nerd: Someone who can only talk about computers.

Am I a Geek? Yes, and proud of it (definitely not a nerd).

I asked my friend SteveE what makes me a Geek and he said, "He couldn't use that phrase because it has a negative connotation." He said, he thinks I am more of a "guru." I love computers. I love all parts of them except that I think printers are the devil. I teach computer classes "fabulously." (I am stealing that word from Amberly.)

Some times I wonder how we got along without computers, but then I wonder how we got along without microwaves, pens, cars, cell phones and Jolly Ranchers. Somethings are just meant to be. Computers are among the necessities of life.

On our trip to Germany, Lee and I both commented that we felt disconnected because we did not have access to a computer without going to the library.

Notice the Geeky stuff around me. There is a thumb drive in the laptop, and a pink document holder. What you can't see is the second computer on my desk, the headset for my phone, the headset for my computer, the wireless mouse and keyboard, the stack of CDs on my desk and the case I carry around with 3 more thumbdrives. Oh, yes, and I just went to Google Reader and subscribed to updates of all my favorite blogs.

Yup, I'm a Geek.


Considering your other blog, I would say you definately deserve the title guru!

i agree! will you be my guru?!?

yes, you are, and I love benefitting from it! thank goodness you embrace your geekiness!