The challenge is to record random acts of kindness. At first, I thought, every random act of kindness I have done, is so small and simple, it doesn't count. But as I have read yours I see that a random act of kindess is very often just that, a small and simple act of kindness. It doesn't have to be something big and fantastic. More like something no one sees, but those who are affected.

We were in WalMart. We had picked up enough stuff to bring our bill up to the usual $100. Along the way, I had picked up a pack of Spiderman bandaids in case my grandsons came by to visit. While we were standing in line, a young boy, his brother and father, got in line behind us. The father had a big birthday cake. I turned to them and asked, "Whose birthday is it?" The young boy said it was his and he would be turning six. I asked what kind of cake they bought and he proudly announced it was a Spiderman cake. The cashier had just rung up my Spiderman band aids. I picked them up and handed them to the young boy and said "Happy Birthday." I made sure the cashier saw so she would not charge him.

Grin does not describe the look on his face. It was an awesome feeling, my husband and I both felt quiet joy for this silly little thing we did.

Now, even better than that. Let me tell you what kindness was done to me, rather than by me. I was very sick and the Bishop's wife, came to visit me. While we visited, someone else stopped by (an unusual event to have 2 people just drop by). The Bishop's wife got up and left the room, the next thing I knew she was vacuuming my floors while I visited with the other ladies. She had asked my 3 year old where the vacuum was, and he, knowing everything, showed her. What a lovely thing to do.


That is great!! Thank you so much for posting about RAK!!!! I hope you can come back and post about something else!!

You have so many RAK you could post about, it's simply in your nature. I'm glad to be the recipient of them on a regular basis.

Wow, RAK's are so easy to give and so easy to do! It's such a wonderful feeling that something so simple can make someone feel good, GO RAK's!!!

I'm surprised you had to think about what to post...I could name a dozen things you have done for me!

Sandi, somewhere out there the spiderman bandaid story is being told by that little boy's family to anyone who will listen.
The bishop's wife seems to know all about not waiting to be asked. Thanks for sharing - I'm inspired. And I really liked what you said in your comment on my blog about not waiting for things to be perfect. So true.