1. I think diamonds are highly over rated and would rather have a nice cubic zirconium.
2. I love my grandchildren in ways that cannot be described. Children make me happy in general and the laughter of a child is pure joy.
3. I know God loves me.
4. I could watch French Kiss once a month and never get sick of it. (And I love the Borge movies too.)
5. I am very insecure and fear the I am a bore. When I relax in a group and forget my insecurities someone always brings me back to reality that no one is really interested in what I have to say. I love quality alone time.
6. I knew my great grandparents and that is a source of joy I treasure.

I tag Shellie C, Randi and Raynie


Just for the record, I have never thought you are a bore Sandi! Thanks for playing tag with us :)

Wow I can honestly say I share 4 of your 6 random things.. including loving the movie french kiss. I love the part on the train with the cheese. I always think it is funny.

Thanks for the tag!! I'm going to go think of mine!! :)
- Randi - :)

the life you have lead is completely fascinating. bore is not something you should be worried one bit about. I love that you love children. It makes mine seem less overwhelming when I'm around you knowing that you genuinely enjoy them. thank you for that.

If only we could all step back now and then and truly see oursleves as others see us. I would be very curious, because we rarely give ourselves enough credit!

French Kiss is a classic, wonderful movie!

And having a Love of Children is mighty precious!

Would you want to do a recipe tree with me? I'm sure you've heard of this type of thing before. Basically, I need to send the letter to 6 people with my friend who sent me the letter... with her name on the back. Then you send her one recipe... and then send the letter to 6 of your friends with my name and address on the back. I thought you might like it. I'm trying to think of people to send my letter to that she doesn't know, she knows most everybody I know haha. So that she'll get recipes from all over the place. I can send it via email instead of snail mail if you'd like. Just let me know! I'm excited to see where I get recipes from!
Hope you're having a good day!
- Randi -
p.s. I never did comment on your 6 random things... very interesting! you're unique that's for sure! :) haha but I picture you to be a lot younger than you are... I can't believe you have grandkids!

How have I not seen French Kiss? I let my husband choose way too many of our movies!

P.S. You are right! We do have a lot of common and I'm so glad we were drawn together! Look forward to getting to know you more. Hope you had a great halloween and are having a great week :)

I've never seen French Kiss. Is that the one with Meg Ryan?

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