I was at Sharon's desk and she had a Starbucks Plastic cup with the cutest crocheted holder on it to catch that liquid that runs all over your desk when you have a cold glass of any liquid.

She told me her grandmother crocheted it and she has not been able to duplicate the pattern. I told her I could get the pattern off of it and she carefully put it in a plastic bag and gave it to me to take just over night.

I was able to get the pattern and made one last night for my Fresh and Easy water bottle. Isn't it cute? I am going to make one the size of a soda can next.

Here it is, I L-O-V-E it. My hand didn't get cold while I held my Ginger Ale to drink it.


O.K. - you really are the Wizard of Creativity! First the Domestic Goddess activities - canning peaches, okra, etc. Now picking off paterns from other people's crocheting. Impressive! Impressive!