As we watched this historical moment unfold before our eyes in the comfort of our home, Sandi and I both regressed mentally thinking about people who mean a lot to us, some of whom are no longer here: my mother, who passed away just this summer, my grandfather, Sandi’s father, grandparents, and mother, our children, and our grandchildren.

Sandi and I have an interracial marriage. We don’t see things as black and white, but we often discuss them as black and white. We know that this election was not about race. We know it was about greatness and a movement toward change in Washington. We have vowed to support President Elect Obama, not as a black man or white woman or an interracial couple, but as Americans with common problems and common hopes.

We appreciate the fact that we now have a new, great thinker for our next Commander In Chief, and as an extra point of appreciation for us, he is a black man in a world where we thought there was a limit to what a black man could accomplish.

There is something to ponder about this man that has been said to us. What are the chances of a young black man from Kenya going to Hawaii in the 1960’s >> and a young white woman from the heartland of America, Kansas, also being there at the same time >> that they would meet >> and overcome the racial attitudes of the time to marry and produce an offspring >> who weaved himself through school, turmoil and political mine fields >> to become the orator and great thinker that he is >> and to have won over America where we as a nation have placed our hope, future and destiny in the hands of a 47 year old man who happens to be black.

There is something else to ponder about this election. In the 60’s we had the rebellion of the young folks, the hippies, the war protestors, fighting in the streets and general unrest. We had another rebellion from today’s young folks. The way they rebelled is a testament to all of us. They became involved in the process, informed on the issues and chose the ballet over the bullet. With this in mind, I can say to the rest of you seniors, we can feel confident that our young folks can make sound decisions. We should not be concerned about passing the gavel of authority over to them when needed.

We believe that the torch has been passed, not only to us, but to all Americans. Obama has asked each of us to do our share to help him govern. He has asked us to except the challenge to talk to our neighbors, to look out for one another, and at home, turn off the TV and get more involved with our children and families. What could be greater than that?

The past few hours have been emotional, thrilling and filled with hope for the future. We pray for and support President Elect Obama and hope that America will rally and we will no longer have red and blue states, but that we will have purple states and become one people, one nation—under God.


There is going to be a great deal of change in the next few years, and congrats to Lee on leaving his digital footprints on the internet! Welcome to our world :-D

I very much appreciate lee and his thoughts. he is welcome to pop in and be a guest blogger anytime!