Tarzan and I are on a very strict budget!!!

We each have a Paypal card with spending money on it. If we run out of money on our Paypal, we have to wait until the next payday to get more.

So, today, Tarzan had several packages to mail to the grandchildren (okay I had a couple also) and I very generously said, "I'll take them by the UPS store on my way to work." To which he expressed his deep and profound gratitude, but did not offer to help pay the postage. Actually, this strict budget thing is so new to us that I didn't think of it either until...

Mr. Brown (aka the UPS man) rang up the total and it was $5 more than I had in my Paypal account, yikes. Mr. Brown put my order on hold and I drove off to work with the promise that I would stop by after work and pay for the shipping.

Just as I passed the CVS Pharmacy, I reached for my cell phone to tell Tarzan how picked on I was because my allowance was smaller than his when I misjudged how close I was to the curb and ran over -- oh, how can I explain this, there were 4 cement thingys with a sidewalk in between and I ran over all of them...

Can you say blow out?

There was a hole big enough for my fist to fit in on the right front tire.

I called:

1. AAA
2. Work
3. Tarzan

Tarzan laughed at me.
I hung up on him.
Tarzan called back and made me feel better.

I called my crazy sister--she always helps me see the humor in any situation and after I got through telling her with both of us laughing until we were out of breath, she said, "well it could have been worse..."

It seems she got in her car once, in a huff, and backed up and hit a pole--she hit it so hard her wig fell off. Now, that would be worse. At least, I still had my dignity.


That's a hilarious story. Thanks for the laugh.

OK I was tring not to laugh at the hiliarity of the story. I really tried to be empathic to you situation. Been there done that too. I just can't help laughing at the whole day you had. At least you laughed at it to in the end.