We had beautiful talks today in Sacrament Meeting. All were inspiring, however, Bishop Miller said something that made me stop and really think. He said, "The intent of my life is to build a kingdom." Wow! I have had abstract thought about why I'm here, what good I'm doing, if I serve any puruse, but that simple statement made me stop and really think.

What is the inent of my life?

I can think of no greater intent than to "build a kingdom." I have much to do and lots of bridges to build. It is a daunting task, but with the help of my Heavenly Father, I can do it.

Sister Miller gave me a little packet of uplifting saying for Christmas. The one I read yesterday said, something to the effect that no other phrase is stated in so many ways in the scripture more than "ask and ye shall receive."

And so I ask for help in building a kingdom. That is my intent for this life. Thank you Bishop.


I had the same though as you, what am I doing to build a kingdom. Sometimes when I here the boys playing and putting thier toys in time out, I realize that I've built up the wrong kingdom. I like that this is an "on-going" project so that we can get it just right.


I really liked Bishop Miller's talk as well. Did he say that his intention is to "build a kingdom", or to "build the kingdom"? I would suggest that there is a significant difference.

"a" or "the" the sentiment is certainly pause for thought