So, here’s the deal. Tarzan and I went to Whole Foods and Lee Lee’s market this past weekend. During this shopping “extravaganza” I purchased 2 Asian Pears. They were hard as rocks so I put them in the fruit basket to ripen.

It has been a few days now, so I figured they were ripe and wanted fruit for breakfast. I took one of the pears out of the basket—it was still hard and I complained that it still wasn’t ripe. Tarzan took the pear, smelled it, squeezed it and assured me it was ripe. I indicated he was wrong :-) and he stated, “Believe me it is ripe, I know pears, if you bite into it your mouth will be filled with pear juice.”

I then washed the pear, got out the apple slicer, put the pear on a plate and pushed the slicer down over it—believe me, when I say push, I mean it. The fruit was not soft inside it was just as firm and hard as an apple.

I then took a section of the pear and took a bite expecting a mouth full of pear juice. Not so. It was hard, had a slight pear taste and I was sorely disappointed. Tarzan asked, “Is it ripe?” I told him that it was not and put (read threw) my piece of pear back on the plate. Tarzan took a piece and ate it and the following conversation ensued:

Tarzan: This isn’t a pear

Me: The sign in the store said it was a pear

Tarzan: Well, it’s not a pear

Me: If it’s not a pear, what is it

Tarzan: I tell you it’s not a pear

Me: I bought pears, if it is not a pear, WHAT IS IT

Tarzan: It’s an ASIAN pear

Me: Oh, so it IS a pear

Tarzan: No, it’s an ASIAN Pear, that is a whole different kind of fruit

Me, but it is a pear, right

Tarzan: (reluctantly) Okay, it is a pear

If I couldn’t have something healthy for breakfast, then I would have something good, I reached for a bag of biscuits left over from last night’s dinner. Tarzan had sealed them in a seal-a-meal bag. I reached in the drawer for the kitchen scissors, it wasn’t there. At that point, I slammed the drawer shut, gave Tarzan a kiss good-bye and stormed out the door as I said over my shoulder “I can’t even find a stupid pair of scissors so I can get a @#$% biscuit.” (sorry Tiana)
Tarzan was holding his sides and rolling on the floor laughing.
Then I was driving down the road to work and the after taste of the PEAR was pretty good and I wished I had eaten more of it.

So, if you have read this far, answer these two questions for me.
1. Why did I have to get so dramatic and make my point by refusing to finish the pear that was not nasty, just not what I expected?
2. Why did I forget my resolve to not swear even if I am being dramatic, clever or angry?

I should have know it was going to be one of those days when I washed my hair this morning and forgot to rinse out the crème rinse and had to get back in the shower….it can only get better, right?



Some days, the only way to go is up.

I LOVE asian pears and they are supposed to be hard like an apple. But if you can't do asian, have you tried red pears? Yum!