This time IT DID. We have suffered in this 115 degree, humid, weather for 2 weeks with our air conditioner running day and night, only to cool off the house to a meazly 85 degrees. We called the air conditioning guy (Rafael) and he has been out here twice.

New duct work $1,200
New Air conditioner $4,000

Not in the budget, we decided to just have new duct work. We are fully aware that we need that done. Rafael was supposed to come yesterday, but Lee had to work and it is a two man job (somehow there is something wrong with that picture--we are paying $1,200 and Lee has to be the helper--shouldn't he get paid for that with something besides cold air?). But I digress. Lee called Rafael and asked him what he wanted to do and he said put it off until next weekend.


This was our plan in the meantime.......We would make only one room at a time receive air conditioning and we would stay in that room (or spend the whole day in the movie theater where we would have to wear a sweater). So, Lee took off all the vent covers and taped cardboard over the whole in every room but our bedroom on Friday night. We slept comfortably for the first time in 2 weeks. I even had to pull the covers up once.

Saturday morning, Lee left for work and I covered the vent in our bedroom and uncovered the vent in my office. I worked in there all day only leaving for basic necessities. I was comfortable and enjoyed my day (not to mention I got a ton of organizing done).

Saturday night, Lee came home and cooked dinner outside while I moved the vent covers so only the living room was being cooled. We enjoyed a steak and greens dinner in the living room and held vewwy, vewwy still the rest of the night so as not to generate any more heat in the house (we watched Bourne 1 and 2 in preparation for going to the theater to see 3 :-)). When we went to bed we moved the covers so only the bedroom was getting air conditioning.

In the night the cover fell off the living room and the office and yet we slept through the night comfortably. Once, I recall being semi conscious and noticing that we were sleeping comfortably. Once, I heard the cover fall off one of the vents and wondered if it would get hot again.

This morning we got up and the whole house was cool. The thermostate read 79 degrees. It is showing 80 degrees right now, but it is still comfortable at 80 degrees. I see the clock is wrong, now I'm going to have to get the book out to figure out how to reset the clock, but I will be able to find it because I spent all day yesterday organizing.

What in the world happened? It is a mystery. Maybe it is a tithing blessing. I guess we'll find out when Rafael shows up next weekend.


Excellent problem solving with the vent cover rotation. I laughed when I read you tried to stay very very still so as not to generate any more heat in the room. We also revisited Bourne 1&2, but we can't go see #3 till we're home. I'm just not going to leave my kids alone in a hotel in a strange city so that I can go to the movies. I read that Matt Damon said there won't be a #4 because it would have to be titled Bourne Redundancy. Ha!