The Heywood kids came to visit and boy did we have fun. Please ignore the date on the pictures, I keep forgetting to take it off the camera setting.

After Mom and Dad dropped off the grandkids for the night, we just let the kids play outside. We have 2 acres so they have room to just play unsupervised--a rare treat in today's world.

Then we all loaded up in the car with our trap and went to the homeless shelter to catch pigeons. What a hoot. Tarzan says when you go to the homeless shelter and the pigeons see you carrying a bag they practically mug you to get at the food. The children put bread crumbs out on the street and we put the trap on top of the crumbs. Then we stood back and tried to hold still as the pigeons came over to eat the crumbs, emphasis on the tried. Finally, we caught a total of 5 pigeons. When we got home, Tarzan took the children out to hide the birds in the little cages he made to train the dogs to find and point the birds. After hiding the birds in the field by our house, they had a lesson on the training dog collar and what the dogs were supposed to do and off they went to train the dogs. To their great joy, Suzi sniffed out the birds and gave them a good point. Dottie is a snob, she only points quail.

Then there was some more play time, lots of eating and to the movies. We went to see National Treasure, Book of Secrets. It was perfect for little children, they loved it. After the movie we picked up ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery for breakfast and went home.

Tarzan had stayed home to get things ready for the next activity. By now it was 9:30 p.m. and there had been enough sugar consumed that everyone was still wide awake. So, we sat around the fire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. We even had some smores. It was way too much fun.

See the great fire pit Tarzan made from the inside of an old oven. It worked great for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and it keeps you nice and toasty.

I'm not sure who was having more fun, Tarzan or the children.

While we were in the movie one of the wires on Sasha's braces broke off. She made it through the movie and ate her dinner and then began to complain that it was getting really painful. It turned out that part of the wire that goes around the outside of her teeth broke off and the part that was left had slipped back and was poking her in the back of her mouth. Tarzan pulled out the wire as far as he could, but it wouldn't come clear out so he got out the skill saw and came in the house and said, "Here, I can fix it." Sasha's eyes got really big and then she burst out laughing. He actually took his wire cutters and cut the wire then they wiggled the last little piece until she was able to pull it out. Tarzan says he is going to add that to his resume "part time dentist." While all this excitement over the braces was going on, we didn't even notice that Talia had stopped in mid air and fallen asleep. Please be sure to notice the Tootsie Pop still in her hand.

We all fell asleep in front of a ninja cartoon and awoke Sunday morning to a fantastic breakfast prepared by Tarzan. He had asked everyone what they wanted for breakfast the night before and gone shopping while we were at the movie. Tristan wanted Honey Nut Cheerios, we sent the box home with them. Sasha wanted eggs, bacon and a buttered flour tortilla on the side. Talia wanted pancakes and everyone had cookie dough ice cream with their breakfast.

We met their parents at church and then later came back to the house where we just visited and ate until they had to move on to visit the next family on their visit list.

Lee and I were so let down when everyone left we just sort of stood in the kitchen and hugged each other trying to decide what to do next. We do love our family.


that sounds like a magical weekend with the grandkids! I'm so glad they came to visit and that you and tarzan were both healthy and available to enjoy them. and ice cream for breakfast? only at grandma's house!!

Glad you had fun with the grandchildren. I am sorry I missed your birthday!? Which day exactly was it? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


We are fortunate to have all of our sons (3)living here in the valley. In fact our jmiddle son lives with us at the moment. We see all of our grandchildren on a regular basis and RaNae, my wife, always has great things planned to keep all entertained. It sounds like you guys do the same. Keep it up! UL

sounds like the most perfect of weekends!

That picture of your granddaughter passed out on the couch is so cute.. I love when they fall asleep in funny position.