Uncle Lynn has always been dapper, doncha love the hat?

My Uncle Lynn is the master of jokes. He knows more jokes than anyone I have ever known. I don't know how old he is, he is the youngest child of four, my Mom is 85 she is second oldest, you will have to figure out how old he is.

Anyway, he has finally figured out how to blog and has his own blog. OldTruckersNeverDie.Blogspot.com.

This is an invitation for you to read his blog and comment. I know he would love it and his stories about his life are very interesting.


I will go check it out!

How is the person doing that you were talking about, that you said you were helping? :)

Hope all is well!
Happy New Year!!

and thank you for all these comments!! I will be back to 'normal' blogging now. I had to blog a LOT recently to get off things that I needed to vent on - silly childish situations that I'm glad are over.

How were your Christmas & New Years celebrations!??!

P.S. (again) loved the Nativity clip!!

what's the link to his blog?

My birthday was December 31st and the link to his blog is: