Annalisa blogged about Alexis losing her first tooth and the tooth fairy coming to visit. It made me remember two funny stories about my children.

Brian was about, mmmmm, I think 3-years old. We were visiting his Uncle and Aunt, Jared and Gloria. They owned a motel and lived in an apartment above the office. We were all upstairs when Brian came running up the stairs and said, "Mom, Mom, the Good Fairy is downstairs cleaning up." It seems that the maid had some into the office to clean. Didn't realize how often I said, "Maybe the Good Fairy will come while we are gone and clean the house."

Then Celia was, mmmmm, I think about 4-years old, maybe only 3. She had a wart on her hand. I used a match stick on it and it fell off. (You wet the sulfur on the end of the matchstick and rub it on the wart and the wart falls off.) Without telling any of us, she put it under her pillow. In the morning she came into the kitchen crying her eyes out, "Mom, the wote faiwy didn't come." It took a couple of tries for me to understand she had expected the Wart Fairy to come and leave money under her pillow. I quickly said, "I bet you just missed it, let's go see." I slipped a quarter into my palm and felt under her pillow and produced the quarter. She squealed with delight and the day was saved.

Don't you wish the Wart Fairy still only gave a quarter? Do you have a funny Fairy story?


I sure could use a wart fairy! Oh, too funny! What sweet memories!


We did the tooth fairy thing as our kids grew up. It was always exciting when they got the cash. The expression "Maybe the Good Fairy will do this or that" has been used oround our house forever. The only thing, though, is it never happens. Your memories of the TF were great!


Hey!! Just saw your comment - and to answer your question - our Christmas dinner is always different it seems because we are at different places for the holiday! This Christmas I am doing a traditional Christmas dinner - the first time we'll be just us on Christmas! I'm making turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, candied yams, and apple pie!! :) MERRY CHRISTMAS. I'll be back to catch up on your blog soon!