Edited 12/20/07--Add some hand dipped minty chocolate treats in a red container with the cutest ribbon--I'm keeping the ribbon.

And the cutest Christmas ornament. I have it hanging over my desk. I am going to keep it there to watch over me the whole year. It is the angel behind the lamb.

Someone gave us a pineapple. I wanted to take a picture of it, but Tarzan was so excited he cut it before I could get the camera ready. Hmmmm.

Someone else sent me a warm cup of hot chocolate and an adorable pad with my name on it.

And another wonderful person gave me a book (I forgot to take a picture of it). While I was sick in bed, it kept me entertained.
Then I wondered what does the angel see from the top of the tree. I guess it depends on where the tree is.

And every day we get serenaded by children from different schools in town. It always makes me smile.

Merry Christmas


Well it is about time you gave us an update, I've been trying to be patient over here! Thanks for the random photos- I could use cocoa, a book and a bed at the moment.. hope you enjoyed the down time!

I am glad you got the notepad!! I just put up RAK for Monday so come back over and sign the Mr. Linky!
Merry Christmas!

We too recieved a pineapple and I'm so excited to eat it. I had to bring it to my parents house so that I could emjoy it.