I did something I have never done before last night!

I did a "practice" pack of the suitcase. Weird.

I was told by my good friend Maria Hoffman, that the worst part of a self-drive trip, like we are taking, is that every day you have to drag your suitcase into a new bed and breakfast at night and then in the morning pack it all up again and drag it back to the car (that's what Tarzan is for, right?).

So, I got the genius idea. I am packing a space saver plastic bag for each day we are going to be gone. They don't require a vacuum, they are the roll the air out kind. I didn't believe it would work, so we bought some and guess what? They are awesome. I will have 7 neat little packages and each morning when I get dressed, I will put the dirty cloths in the bag I just emptied and seal it up so I have no groady, dirty cloths in my suitcase and I never have a jumbled mess.

And I bought the cutest luggage for the trip. I have a whole matching set of these brown and white polka dot suitcases. Tarzan says only someone with ovaries would buy luggage with polka dots on it. He is taking his own, plain black bag that looks like everyone else's. Whatever. Rachel has luggage that is trimmed with a leopard print. We will be stylin' all over Ireland. Hey, that rhymes.


Very cute! Where did you find it? Have fun on your trip. I think Alaska sounds fun - maybe the Miller family will join you.
PS. I am impressed with your organization. I started packed 5 hours before we left for the airport - at midnight.

I love the luggage!! The ovary comment is classic tarzan- when it's spinning around on the conveyer belt, he'll wish he had some distinct quality to watch for! your ziploc idea is pretty guiness little miss smarty-pants.

Beware - unique suitcases always seem to be the ones that get searched! Hope your space bag plans work out, have a great time!

Next time I go somewhere I will hire you to do my packing. And the bag.....WAY cute!