Village Eye Works came highly recommended. I purchased an adorable pair of glasses there. When they arrived after 2 full weeks, they were the wrong frames!!!! They sent them back and 1 week later, I was told they did not have the glasses yet because, while putting them together, the technician broke the lens and they had to reorder them. So, the 3rd pair of glasses came in another 2 weeks and they were adorable, but guess what! I couldn't see a thing unless it was so close to me that I looked like Mr. Magoo. So, I took them to my eye doctor who told me they had put the prescription in upside down. The reading part was at the top and then for the reading part, they tripled the prescription so I couldn't see anything out of the bottom.

I asked for my money back and Village Eye Works gave me a hassle, so I just called American Express and told them to dispute the charges. I returned the glasses and finally after 3 months, American Express said they had credited my account. However, there was a $300 charge for FRAMES, that they did not credit. Guess why?

Village Eye Works had put on the receipt that they only do "in store credits." No cash refunds. They had refunded the money for the lenses because of their error, but would not refund the money for the frames "because they could not return the frames to the company that makes them." They were a "custom" order. What a crock. When I purchased the glasses they made a big deal of showing me how easily the pieces were interchanged and popped them on and off of different pairs of glasses to put together exactly what I wanted.

I had talked to the Village Eye Works at least a half dozen times to try and work this out. I spoke to 3 different people, including the manager. No one ever told me about their return policy!!!! It was in small print on the receipt, it is not posted anywhere in the store.

Additionally, the manager had told me that they had reviewed my prescription and he knew they had given me the wrong lens strength and asked if they could have another chance to make it right. I told him that I didn't want to mess with them any more, three chances was enough and I just wanted my money back. He said that since I had opened a dispute with American Express, he didn't want to give me my money back, but to just wait and let American Express take care of it. He did not then, nor did he at any time, tell me the store's refund policy.

No glasses are cute enough to deal with this kind of service. This is inexcusable. I had indicated to the manager, that I was not mad and I would not be bad mouthing them around town, however, with this result, all bets are off. I want the world to know that they were dishonest and unfair in their practices.

I realize that technically, they may have a LEGAL leg to stand on, but, come on, it is time for businesses to stand up and take responsibility for lousy service. I protest businesses that give lousy service. Village Eye Works, just got added to the list!


man, talk about bad press! Lesson learned: never cross sandi. i'm sorry about the poor service, it sounds like way more hassle than it was worth.


I just reviewed your comments about Village EyeWorks. I would like to say, that I have had several transactions with that company, mostly the Paradise Valley location and had nothing but wonderful professional, courteous assistance. I guess, you had a bad day. They are a very reputable and upscale optical retail shop.


I have been buying my eyeglasses from The Village Eye Works for the past 13 years and have only had excellent service and quality. The prescriptions are always accurate and I see so clearly through the lenses. I'm sorry you had a bad experience because that is definitely not the norm....they're the best!